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S.E. Melbourne Phoenix


S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

Date Completed

February 2018


The S.E. Melbourne Phoenix, known as the heartland of Basketball, recently joined the National Basketball League and needed a brand identity that reflects the team's strength and unity and the community it represents. The club required a strong and bold brand that captures the essence of S.E. Melbourne, highlighting its passion for basketball and the close-knit community that supports it.

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Digital marketing
Logo identity
Print collateral
Visual design
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The Phoenix symbol, which is a fireball made up of spinning flames and feathers, was designed as a nod to basketball. It effectively communicates the speed, action, and perpetual motion that the club embodies both on and off the court. The newly established brand identity was implemented across various mediums, including digital media, print collateral, merchandise, apparel, and game day signage, ensuring that the brand remains consistent and recognizable across all touchpoints.

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

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S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

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