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Web design

Candela Ivanhoe


Candela Ivanhoe

Date Completed

March 2023


Offplan Marketing and Kingsford Direct collaborated with M2 Studio to refresh Candela Ivanhoe's marketing collateral. M2 Studio was responsible for redesigning all the collateral with a strategic approach. The design team refined the typography, colour palette, and layout for consistency and cohesiveness across all mediums, including web and print.

Services provided
CMS implementation
Digital marketing
Logo identity
Visual design
Website development
Website hosting
Website Transition
UX / UI design
Print collateral
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The result was a modern and visually appealing design that effectively communicated Candela Ivanhoe's message to the targeted younger demographic. With the collective expertise of marketing professionals and M2 Studio's design expertise, Candela Ivanhoe was able to successfully reach and engage with its desired audience, resulting in increased engagement and a successful marketing campaign.

Candela Ivanhoe

Client testimonial

Candela Ivanhoe

Daniel Cicivelli

Offplan Marketing

I subcontract my overflow work to M2 Studio, the quality of work is high and they are very responsive with quick turnaround times. The high level of detail provided is a necessity for my clients. Thanks, M2 Studio.

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